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Sally Bousquet captures images that contemplate the complexities inherent in our modern world. Using a combination of in-camera multiple exposure techniques and traditional photography, her various series of work range from intricate and layered to bold and straightforward. With each series, Bousquet performs a new investigation of her relationship with reality. 

Originally from Connecticut, Bousquet relocated to Massachusetts in 2012. This geographic change provided her with the opportunity to put her career as a lawyer on the back burner and employ her camera to create order in her new surroundings. She continues to use the people and places that she encounters on a daily basis as the focus for many of her projects. 

Bousquet is a juried Artist Member of the Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA, a juried Gallery Artist at the South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA, and a member of the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA. In addition to frequent showings in the Boston area, her photographs have been displayed in galleries across the United States, and have appeared internationally in London, Moscow, Athens and Rome. Bousquet lives outside of Boston with her husband and two children.

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