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My photography is often driven by a spontaneous need to create. I let whatever forces have me in motion take me to wherever I am headed.


Many of my images are created in-camera as double exposures. This method leads to a necessary and unavoidable lack of control. In creating this type of work, chance plays a role, but not a dominant one. Although the process is informed, the final product cannot be known before the photo is created.  As such, each specific end result has never existed until it is captured. This unpredictability and element of informed chance are necessary and welcome elements of my process, and what allows me to create photos that are simultaneously familiar and strange. 


The end product may or may not be a recognizable slice of reality, but I find that reality still pervades the essence of each image. My favorite photos investigate what is real, what is perceived, and the blur and uncertainty in between. My photos often present the world as other than we perceive it to exist, and as such these photos can lead to more detailed consideration of what is being seen.


At their best, I think photos emphasize their own existence, and what they disclose or cause the viewer to focus on is up to the viewer. Photography presents limitless possibilities, and limitless meanings created by those possibilities.

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